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Launching a new product or boosting an existing one? Targeting a specific demographic and highlighting its benefits or unique selling points? This service is tailored to help you create a nationwide video marketing campaign that generates leads and interest for your freshly launched product. Whether you need your product’s name to stick or want to create a sense of urgency, these videos are designed to achieve your goals. We’re set to deliver a wide range of video types, which can be seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive campaign. From captivating hero ads to shorter videos for social media consumption, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, this can get you content for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, digital formats, and even radio ads within the same campaign.

What it is

We understand the importance of showcasing your product and service and its unique features in a way that captures attention and creates a meaningful connection. Whether you need an explainer video that creatively highlights your unique selling points without feeling like a typical infomercial or a video that evokes an emotional response and aligns with your brand’s objectives, we’ve set ourselves up to do it all for you. We’ll make sure your videos are adaptable to various formats and durations, ensuring they are optimised for different mediums such as TV or social media.

How it works

We begin by analyzing the creative brief provided by you or collaborating with you to develop one. Our focus is on highlighting the key features of your product and understanding your target audience. We strive to create a lasting impression for viewers or foster a sense of belonging by allowing them to express their identity through your product. Through thorough research, we delve into the benefits and unique selling points of your product, as well as its relationship to your overall brand, if applicable. Our dedicated team then crafts a carefully tailored creative concept based on the gathered information and the distribution plan. We go the extra mile by studying, testing, using, and comprehending your product, ensuring a deep understanding that extends even to our creative team. Additionally, we thoroughly analyse the market and your competitors’ marketing strategies to identify ways to make your product stand out in the best possible way. We recognise that our work involves a psychological aspect, so we invest considerable effort in understanding what truly resonates with your audience, ensuring their engagement and reactions.

Why choose this

Make your product shine by capturing its essence through professionally crafted videos. We help you showcase what sets your product apart, generating curiosity and building awareness among your target audience. With our expertise in visuals and storytelling, we create a lasting impression that resonates with your prospects, ensuring your brand stays at the forefront of their minds. Our approach focuses on highlighting the benefits rather than overwhelming with technical details. Whether you’re launching a new product or aiming to maintain a strong presence, our videos are designed to drive marketing results and keep your service fresh in the minds of your customers.

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