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Who We Are

A young company with a big heart and great ideas.

We are a dedicated motion picture production house based in Malta, Europe and we offer our services both locally and internationally. Here, a team of highly creative individuals work tirelessly to make sure all your production needs are met.

Maka is where your project is treated as our own. It is where all of us strive in our respective fields to handle the whole production process for our clients, from concept design to filming to colour grading, and we do this to the highest possible standard and as efficiently as can be.

Our videos are our bread and butter, Maka is a place where our passions meet to create a complete, holistic production which we can all take pride in. And we enjoy it every step of the way.

So if you’re looking to make a video you can show off with, either get in touch through the phone, email us, or pop by our office.

PS: We have coffee. And chocolate… sometimes.

Come Say Hi

Meet our Team

Sean Aquilina

Managing Director/DOP

Mad skills in light and frame and passionately dedicated to the wolfpack that is Maka Visuals. Sean leads by example… methodically driven while keeping cool and earnest with every new project. Work struggles to leave his mind, yet he strives for time to travel, wine and dine, while balancing the rest between his love for Karate and Mediterranean cuisine.

Maria Vella

Production & Operations Manager

There are two places in which you can find Maria, either in her office or in London. If you haven't met her yet and you live in Malta, you have most definitely heard her... either laughing or sneezing (no, it wasn't an earthquake). Nothing brightens the room as Maria does, she is the one that keeps the rest of us in line and is definitely the bubbliest, most caring, intelligent and responsible woman in our team. Maybe it's just because she is the only one...

Nicolai Aquilina

Lead VFX Artist

Maka's very own magician and software whisperer, he's usually the first to arrive and the last to leave the office. Always there when you need him, behind his fortress of monitors, having his tea. He’s our quiet but creative version of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Marilyn Scicluna

Production Manager

Matthew James Ellul

Creative Director

Like a god, he has all the power on set, and makes sure that all departments get his vision and bring it to life in an effective video. Matthew takes directing very seriously, so don’t get offended if he’s unimpressed with any of your ideas. If he sounds a bit eccentric, chill… we assure you, he’s a great guy who spends 80% of his time coming up with jokes, and invests the remaining 20% refining his jokes to make them even better.

Victoria Schembri

Production Coordinator

Carlo Musco

Camera Operator & Camera Assistant

Jake Vassallo

Video Editor

Jake is super fun to have around, consistently chill and fashionable. He’s always up to date with everything, deadlines, shows, movies, football and video games. We’re pretty sure he’s got time warping abilities, which makes perfect sense given that he’s our editor.

Jake Aquilina

Illustrator / Animator

Our youngest and brightest. When he’s not busy animating a great video, he’s probably listening to some xxxTentacion in a lowered classic BMW. Super hard working and creative, the perfect teammate were it not for his questionable music taste.

What We Do

We are a fully fledged audio-visual production house and we’ll take care of all your production needs from start to finish.

From the early research and idea generation stages, to pre-planning and filming, to animation and visual effects, we do it all and you won’t even have to lift a finger.

Here at Maka you can rest easy knowing that every stage of the production will be handled by the right person with just the right expertise. We cater for all types of clients and offer a wide range of pre-production, production and post-production services. Whether you have a blank slate and need us to come up with a concept to fit your product and target audience, or whether you already have a clear idea in your head, even if it’s a tad crazy, we’re all ears.

How We Do It

As soon as a project lands on MAKA Visuals’ desk the production team together with the creative director get to work. The creative director will start a process of thorough research to make sure his concepts and ideas are relevant to the project, while the production team will be working hand in hand with location managers, casting directors, production designers, stylists and anything else the production might need. Storyboards of the confirmed concept will be sent to the client, ensuring that their vision for the project and our concept are on the same page. Finally it is up to the production team to coordinate everything that is needed for filming. Since every project is different from the last, we allocate specialised crew and the appropriate equipment for the particular job depending on its particular needs and budget.

On the day of the shoot it’s all hands on deck! Our experienced crew will be the first on set, getting everything set up and ready for filming, making sure that any specialised equipment necessary for the shoot is carefully assembled. With the help of countless coffees provided by the production team, everyone will be working at full speed to ensure that his or her department is working seamlessly to get everything ready for when it’s time to hit record. Whilst our creative director will be working closely with the cast to get the best actions and reactions, our cinematographer and his crew of highly trained assistants will be there ready to capture the perfect shot… cos that’s how we roll!

After filming it is time for our post-production team to work their magic. Our editor will choose the very best shots to create an engaging storyline before moving on to the final processes of colour grading and sound design. That’s the bare skeleton of what we do but our post-production gurus can definitely step it up. Our team is capable of complex motion graphics, visual effects, 2D & 3D animations and also custom music composition.

What all of the above leads to …

Pavi Pama

June 24, 2020

GO Freedom Plans

June 5, 2020

McDonald’s Fiesta Mex

April 15, 2020

The team at Maka Visuals is a great partner to have. It’s good to know that whatever the idea is, no matter how crazy or ambitious it is, it’ll be met with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. The team at Maka are its greatest asset. From their attitude in pre-production to their work ethic on-set.

Philip SultanaHead of Design, BRND WGN

We have been working with MAKA Visuals for almost 4 years now. Goes without saying that we get a very professional service which has always resulted in a final product of the topmost quality. What sets them apart is their flexibility in turning around last minute requests and their approachability, but what is most important in our business…they have never missed a deadline!

Ramon NaudiCommunications Consultancy & Coordination Manager, BPC International Limited

I have been working with Maka Visuals for the past few years, and can truly say that each project has been a success. The technical level and attentive behaviour provided is of the highest quality, both on small and large projects. Creativity is key within their team, which helps them in boosting any initial idea presented to them. The coordination and shoot prepping is on point, which makes my life much easier 🙂

Ryan MifsudBrand Leader, TBWAANG

Not only is their finished product one of the most polished and sought after on the Island, what makes MAKA really stand out is their approach to each and every project. Their friendly “let’s see how we can make this work” attitude makes every hard day’s work a very pleasant experience. It makes a difference. I always look forward to work with the MAKA people. You get the best of both worlds with them: great quality and friendly service.

Mark DoneoMad Movies Productions

When it comes to audiovisuals, there are a lot of companies that can do it, but Maka Visuals help you make it happen. From the start, we have noticed their professionalism in both quality and detail. Their work on our music videos has made a significant difference in our product and they are also accommodating when it comes to requirements. Maka Visuals understand right away what you need, and they can make your ideas a million times better.

The Travellers