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If you’re struggling to captivate your audience while explaining the inner workings of your physical product or software, this is for you. In today’s digital age, where a single swipe-up can divert attention to a random cat video, it’s crucial to find creative ways to maintain engagement. This video style is designed to explain complex concepts in a captivating and enjoyable way.

How it works

Once we understand your product and who you’d like to buy it, we’ll delve into our research phase to understand even further and make sure we’re all aligned with your unique selling proposition. You’ll help us understand where it is that you’d like to get to with your product and our job is to help you get there, while evoking emotion and making your product hard to forget. We will provide you with a script and handle any resources required, all this while fitting within your allocated budget. Once filming is done, and you’re more than invited to come join us for the day, we’ll gel everything together in what we call the ‘post-production’ a fancy word for the video editing process. You’ll be supplied with all video formats you require to put your banger video ad out in the wild and start allowing those leads to roll In. 

Why choose this

You might need to explain how much less fat your product is made of, how long it takes to cook it properly or even more techy features such as how your software makes your customers’ life much better… How do you go about offering your service to your customers? All this can be explained through an explainer video which doesn’t need to be boring animation nor ultra-complex. Finding the right scenario, the right characters saying the right words to camera, will help you explain what you do while keeping your audience hooked.

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