Types of videos we do

TV Commercials

Video commercials/adverts are designed to grab your audience’ attention and promote products, services, or brands. With creative storytelling and catchy messages, commercials aim to leave a lasting impression during TV breaks. They’re a powerful tool to raise awareness, generate interest, and inspire action.

Explainer Videos

Our explainer videos make use of humans (also known as actors) to explain your brand or product in a simple and relatable way. These videos can make complex ideas easy to understand and remember. They create personal connections, helping viewers build trust and engage with your brand.

Lead Gen Videos

Lead Generation Videos are the key to converting potential customers into valuable leads. They offer precise targeting and engagement. These videos maintain audience interest and humanize your brand, fostering lasting connections. In essence, Lead Gen Videos drive results by combining engagement and emotional resonance to create brand loyalty.

Social Media Videos

We create social media videos that catch attention, spark interest, and encourage engagement among social media users. These videos can quickly grab viewers’ attention as they scroll through their feeds. Crafted to be easily consumable and shareable, makes them an effective tool for promoting products, services, or ideas within the fast-paced and visually-driven world of social media.

Product Launch

Usually focuses on the product/service and its use/consumption – can be in the form of an explainer (where the USPs are being explained to the audience in a creative manner – no teleshopping vibes) when we need to focus on USPs, but can also give off a feeling that makes the audience relate to the product/service in a way the client is aiming for. The video can be adapted to specific video formats and durations according to the medium being used – whether it’s TV or social media

Brand Awareness

This type of video advert encourages the audience to connect with the brand on an emotional level – making it the brand of choice for their target. Here we do not focus on price points, but rather on the benefits that the brand can give to its audience.

Video Campaign

A series of videos spread over a period of time, could be months or even a full year and in different mediums – TV, social media, reels, YouTube ads, Google Ads. The campaign content can be adapted to fit specific video formats, optimizing each screen size as necessary, and durations according to the medium being used.

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