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Campaign's Premise

What would a modern day mom with her very own cooking show say if she could? Meet Ashley, a regular mom who believes that good food is the answer to 99% of life’s problems. Her simple solution to her busy life? Tyson of course. Using a quirky home cooking show intro that is accompanied by sounds of soft jazz blended with the harsh diegetic sounds of the kitchen, as well as a fun vibrant title we are able to stay true to real, relatable identity of the brand. Quick, easy and a great source of protein, we see our protagonist utilising Tyson’s pre-cooked 100% real chicken products showcasing the brand’s view that convenience shouldn’t jeopardise quality.


Concept Direction & Treatment
Video Creative Producer
Sean Aquilina
Head of Video Production
Maria Vella
Video Creative Director
Matthew James Ellul
Director of Photography
Sean Aquilina
Post Producer
Jake Vassallo
Production Manager
Marilyn Scicluna
Production Coordinator
Victoria Schembri
Production Designer
Jasmin Azzopardi Schellmann
Sound Recordist
Robert Bonello
Graphic Designer
Naomi Mamo
Make Up
Kim Deguara
Key Grip
John Preca
1st Cam Assistant
Carlo Musco
Video Editor
Jake Vassallo
Colour Grading
Nicolai Aquilina
Sound Design
Robert Bonello

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