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Project's Brief

Get ready to bet on fun! This campaign is all about making sure everyone knows about Mobilbahis and the exciting things the brand has got to offer, like live betting and casino games. We want to show off the appeal of the brand and highlight the trust and likability built up over the years. This is a brand awareness campaign, aimed to generate demand towards the brand with a goal to help the selected audience choose Mobilbahis.


Being successful is no accident. It’s a combination of things that make it happen. Some people might think success is just about luck or what life hands you, but it’s not just about the cards you’re dealt. It’s about taking charge, going with your gut, and having that fire in your belly to keep pushing forward. It’s about seeing opportunities and making the most of them, staying in control, and making smart decisions. And most importantly, it’s about having the determination and willpower to make it happen. That’s what makes a real winner.


Concept Direction & Treatment
Creative Producer
Sean Aquilina
Head of Video Production
Maria Vella
Video Creative Director
Matthew James Ellul
Director of Photography
Sean Aquilina
Post Producer
Jake Vassallo
1st Assistant Director
Jeremy Vella
2nd Assistant Director
Marija Pisani
Production Coordinator
Victoria Schembri
Production Assistant
Max Abela
Set Designer
Jasmin Azzopardi Schellmann
Set Assistant
Aaron Bezzina
1st Cam Assistant
Malik Atwair
2nd Cam Assistant
Mark Dingli
2nd Cam Assistant
Nigel Fleri Soler
Sound Recordist
Robert Bonello
Kenneth Cassar
Key Grip
John Preca
Daniel Licari
Alon Michael Hattingh
Hair & Make Up
Krista Zammit Marmara & Lyanne Sawyer
Make Up
Daniela Mizzi
Samuela Galea
Video Editor
Jake Vassallo
Colour Grading
Nicolai Aquilina
Sound Design
James Baldacchino
We opted for a brand video because it's the best tool to convey your message, and connect with your audience.
Ryan Mifsud, Advertising Specialist

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