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Campaign's Premise

Honest Sip is a new take on wine, built on sincerity and a passion for quality. We were entrusted with creating a video campaign for this new brand that showcases how wine should be simple and enjoyable for everyone. While wine talk often feels complex and pretentious, our goal was to literally strip wine down to its essence and highlight the brand’s dedication to honesty, transparency, and authenticity. We thought that the best way to get this message across and become the top choice for people who love wine but aren’t experts, and still want guaranteed quality, would be through a punchy concept that pushes people to want to find out more. We can’t say we weren’t met with any limitations but we figured out a way to make these limitations our strengths and deliver a video campaign that is unique for the brand and for Nectar, and is certainly not going to be forgotten any time soon. 


Honest Sip
Concept Direction
Matthew James Ellul
Video Creative Treatment
Video Creative Producer
Sean Aquilina
Head of Production
Maria Vella
Senior Video Creative Director
Matthew James Ellul
Video Creative Director
Micheal Grech
Main Cast
Sean Jenkins
Director of Photography
Sean Aquilina
Art Department
Martina Zammit
Project Coordinator
Victoria Schembri
Post Producer
Jake Vassallo
Jr.Project Manager
Julia Camilleri
Owen Michael Grech
Hair & Make-Up
Lara Licari
Video Editor
Jake Vassallo
Color Grading
Tharan Tandle

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