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Campaign's Premise

Special people, serving up extra special moments. The idea for this overarching video campaign, developed by our friends over at TBWA centred around observing people in their everyday lives, and for this video specifically watching the people and relationships of McDonald’s employees. In doing so, we go through a series of moments of employees joyfully serving and interacting with customers as well as each other, all from the point of view of a McDonald’s store manager. From employees serving at the front counter with smiles on their faces to kitchen workers being friendly on the job. Audiences don’t just see people at work they are able to feel the great vibe among the workers and customers at McDonald’s.


Concept Direction
Video Creative Treatment
Creative Producer
Sean Aquilina
Head of Video Production
Maria Vella
Video Creative Director
Matthew James Ellul
Director of Photography
Sean Aquilina
Post Producer
Jake Vassallo
1st Assistant Director
Jeremy Vella
Production Coordinator
Victoria Schembri
1st Cam Assistant
Malik Atwair
Sound Recordist
Robert Bonello
Key Grip
Luke Micallef
Make Up
Kim Bajada
Video Editor
Jake Vassallo
Colour Grading
Nicolai Aquilina

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