Black Friday Campaign







Project Brief

Fight or die, for YouWin’s Black Friday offers. The concept for this video started off with the idea of four distinct characters running towards a mound of boxes to claim their prize. From there we envisioned a long empty corridor aisle full of boxes, going for a completely monochromatic visual style, making the prizes stand out so they look that much more appealing. Using a combination of dramatic slow-motion shots and fast cuts we are able to create something that is sensational and stylistic and that aims to instil a sense of urgency within audiences while at the same time having a comedic element from the exaggerated facial expressions and moment of fiasco. Our characters’ big personas are all different, all ready to take a chance, each of them with a hungry look in their eye, preparing themselves for what’s to come.


Creative Direction & Treatment
Creative Producer
Sean Aquilina
Head of Video Production
Maria Vella
Video Creative Director
Matthew James Ellul
Director of Photography
Sean Aquilina
Post Producer
Jake Vassallo
Production Coordinator
Victoria Schembri
Production Assistant
Jeremy Vella
Production Assistant
Marilyn Scicluna
1st Cam Assistant
Nigel Fleri Soler
Luke Micallef
Key Make Up
Jean Pillow
Make Up
Elaine Vassallo
Jean Marc Zerafa
Video Editor
Jake Vassallo

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