A Real Muffin






Aunt Mabel’s

Campaign's Premise

A muffin that makes all your worries drift away.
A muffin that makes you melt with comfort.
That’s what we call a real muffin
The concept for this campaign visually ties into the values of the brand by evoking feelings of warmth and comfort that tie into the magical twist as the character’s are physically engulfed by their cosy surroundings. The primary focus here is to emphasise consumer-centered messaging while showcasing the muffin’s soft and moist texture as well as its diverse range of flavours. Thus, highlighting the unmatched experience of consuming delicious Aunt Mabel’s muffins thereby positioning them as a satisfying snack for any occasion in order to increase mindshare and drive consumption. Additionally, by spotlighting the brand’s renowned taste the campaign aims to increase brand awareness and reinforce Aunt Mabel’s status as the go-to choice for a sweet tasting snack.


Concept Direction & Treatment
Creative Producer
Sean Aquilina
Head of Video Production
Maria Vella
Video Creative Director
Matthew James Ellul
1st Assistant Director
Jeremy Vella
Director of Photography
Sean Aquilina
Post Producer
Jake Vassallo
Production Coordinator
Victoria Schembri
Jr Production Manager
Julia Camilleri
Set Decorator
Martina Zammit
1st Cam Assistant
Naomi Grädel
Jean Marc Zerafa
Key Grip
Luke Micallef
Make Up
Kim Deguara
Video Editor
Jake Vassallo
Sound Design
Matthew James Borg
Colour Grading
Tharan Tandle

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