We could all use some helpful tips to improve our party host game and this ad will do just that. The aim was to advertise a new salami brand that was hitting the shelves in our Maltese shops and supermarkets. So with that in mind we came up with a quirky fun script which included all the information about the product yet still kept the audience engaged every step of the way. With the help of some creative choices during editing and the addition of basic Vfx, makes the advert pop even more and leave an impression on the viewer.

Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects in this video is the casting, it was imperative for us to cast the right actor for this. Someone who’s able to portray a certain confidence without being condescending, someone likable and able to deliver humour well. And in our humble opinion we made the right choice…see for yourselves.


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Services provided:

  • Concept Creation & Development
  • Production Coordination
  • Casting
  • Location Scouting
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Colour Grading
  • Sound Design
  • Mastering