As much as we love our filming days, we also love keeping our VFX guys busy, so we took on this ambitious three minute 3d animation music video for our repeat customers and friends The Travellers. The one and only time we used a camera for this project was to photograph the band members and create realistic 3d characters for each of them, the rest was all done behind a computer.
Although that doesn’t make the project any easier, near perfect time management and great attention to detail was required for this project especially since any mistake or oversight could set us back weeks. The rendering alone took over 1500 hours. But thanks to our senior VFX guru Nic the project proceeded with very few and minor hiccups. All of which led to this, a video at the height of visual expression, a video both us and The Travellers are super proud and happy with.

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Services provided:

  • Concept Creation
  • Special Effects
  • 3D Animation