What do a chef on the cover of a cookbook, a teledrama character and a goat have in common? Check out the series of adverts we did for this local supermarket chain to find out. We were entrusted to produce a video campaign from concept generation to screen, consisting of three adverts, together with a catchy slogan that can be used in their 360 campaigns. The idea was fairly simple, getting things that don’t usually speak, having a conversation with the protagonist and getting them excited about their shopping trip to PAVIPAMA supermarkets. This would then be accompanied by the simple yet memorable tagline at the end, Super Prices Everyday, Everyone Knows!

Even though it’s one campaign we gave each of the three adverts all the attention they deserved and as such treated them as separate projects. Which meant that each needed its own cast, locations, script, props and so on, the only unifying factors being the similarity of concept, the tagline and of course the client. Each of the videos certainly offered their own sets of difficulties but we don’t particularly look forward to working with a goat any time soon. It kept getting the lines wrong.


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Services provided:

  • Concept Creation & Development

  • Storyboard

  • Location Scouting

  • Casting

  • Filming

  • Editing

  • Colour Grading

  • Visual Effects

  • Sound Design