Malta’s most beloved and most popular beer, Cisk, only deserved a commercial worthy of the meaning it has for the Maltese people. It is more than just a beer, it is part of our identity, so we wanted to clearly show the connection between Cisk and the Maltese. In fact, no actors were used for the video, but only real, authentic, people living in Malta.

In collaboration with BRND WGN & Kurt Arrigo, we worked intensively for weeks, hammering down details and searching for the right contacts for the job, finally leading to three full days of non-stop filming all over the Maltese Islands. Once we saw the final result however, all the work poured into this project became a treasured memory for all involved. Well… not only a memory, we have it all documented in a behind-the-scenes video (in which they made us all look surprisingly calm).

From prep to screen, we are all immensely proud of this project just as all Maltese are proud of Cisk, as it is indeed Malta’s Finest.

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…and this is how we did it

Services provided:

  • Concept Development

  • Storyboard

  • Production Design

  • Casting

  • Filming

  • Editing

  • Colour Grading

  • Voiceover

  • Sound Design