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Talking Alpacas – Advertising With Video

Welcome to our very own podcast series!

Episode 18: Season Finale

Here it is, the final episode of the first season of Talking Alpacas. We hope you’ve enjoyed, it but most of all we hope you’ve learnt something along the way. In this episode our hosts talk about how it all started and where it got to, as well as what they’ve learnt from Season 1. We also announce some exciting news… so make sure to tune in!

Episode 17: Strategy Post-Covid-19

Talking Alpacas is back and this week’s guest is the Founder & CEO of BRND WGN Peter-Jan Grech. We took the opportunity to ask about Brand, Strategy and Video. We also uncovered how important it is to take responsibility as a Brand and give back to the community. Make sure to tune in!

Episode 16: Producing an Advert

Talking Alpacas is back, this time with a familiar face (voice?). Maria wasn’t done giving us valuable advice in her first episode so we simply had to invite her for a second one, so she can elaborate more on what it means to be a producer. We also discuss the 5 key aspects to keep in mind as a producer as well as Maria’s secret to keeping everyone happy on set.

Episode 15: Storytelling and Brands

How does human behaviour affect your brand and its marketing efforts? And how can you use storytelling to your brand’s advantage? Switch’s director of brand Ed Muscat Azzopardi is here to answer all these questions and more. We also delve into the philosophy of a brand and take a bit of a meta approach to advertising. Check it out!

Episode 14: Disruptive Ideas

The thought process behind the idea of Disruption at TBWA/ANG, the latest Digital Media trends and much, much more. Tune in to join our conversation with Richard Agius, TBWA/ANG’s Executive Creative Director.

Episode 13: Directing

We loved having Matt as our guest so much, we invited him a second time round. This time he’s here to tell us that directing is way more than being present on set and yelling action. A director has to be involved on the project from day one up until the final delivery and they have to approve of every single decision made regarding the shoot. Find out how Matt deals with all these pressures and more on this week’s episode of Talking Alpacas.

Episode 12: Guerilla Marketing

What is guerilla marketing and why is it such a powerful marketing tool? Find out what WAVA’s Creative Director Kevin Naudi has to say about the subject and how video is a crucial cog in the Guerilla Marketing machine.

Episode 11: Cinematography

Sean is back as our esteemed guest on Talking Alpacas. This time we’ll be delving deeper into the vast world of cinematography, talking about some of its crucial aspects: lighting, framing and colour. We also explore how good prep and location scouting will help you make the best out of your shooting day.

Episode 10: How to Build Trust with Your Clients

Clients, production companies… and someone in the middle, making sure it all goes smoothly. Join us in this week’s episode of Talking Alpacas, to know more about how open communication and honesty are crucial to build a healthy and long lasting relationship with your clients.

Episode 9: Content Marketing

How giving away your industry secrets will help you gain leads in the long run with content marketing. But what is content marketing and how should you use it? Tune in to find out what Marketing Consultant Matthew Zammit has to say about it.

Episode 8: Using VFX in Your Commercial

In today’s episode we explore the magic behind the vast universe of Visual Effects and what the possibilities and limitations are. Tune in to listen to our VFX artist Nicolai, as he explains to us how your next commercial will benefit from the use of Visual Effects.

Episode 7: From Raw Footage to Great Advert

How important is editing and how can it be used to get the most out of your video? Tune in to this week’s episode to listen to what our very own editor has to say about the subject. We discuss what editing really is, the process behind it and a few tips on how to improve your editing game.

Episode 6: The Difference Between Original & Creative

In this week’s episode we talk to Philip Sultana, Head of Design at BRND WGN. He tells us where he draws inspiration from and how the internet changed the advertising game. Tune in to find out how important the collaboration between an advertising agency and a video production company really is.

Episode 5: Great Adverts Need Great Concepts

For this week’s episode our guest is our very own Creative Director Matthew James Ellul. We’ll be picking his brain for all things concept creation. How to come up with just the right concept? How to know if it will work? What to do when you’re stuck? All these questions and more will be answered right here on Talking Alpacas. Make sure you tune in!

Episode 4: Custom Music and Sound Design

He’s usually busy writing Malta’s next big hit, but today he graced us with his presence in this fresh new episode of Talking Alpacas. With today’s guest Matthew James, we talk about all things audio in a video production, namely sound design and music composition. Tune in and find out more about the process behind writing a jingle, how a specific sound can be tied to a product or brand… and much more.

Episode 3: Production Design, a Must Have

What is production design and why do you need it? We’ll answer all these questions and more with this week’s guest Jasmin Azzopardi Schellmann, a local freelancer who has worked on all sorts of big productions. In this episode we delve into how production design is essential and gives any video a certain depth that you’re certain to benefit from, offering higher production value as well as a more tailored message.

Episode 2: How To-Do Lists Save Your Day

Meet Maria Vella, co-founder and operations manager at Maka Visuals and great advocate for to-do lists. Get to know what she’s doing to remain motivated and productive, and how she’s managing our team at MAKA, making sure everyone’s work is organised whilst we’re all working remotely. We also discuss the difficulties and opportunities that arose amid all the chaos COVID-19 is causing globally.

Episode 1: The Inner Workings of Maka

Why video advertising? In this episode we meet Sean, Maka Visuals’ CEO and Founder. Tune in to find out how Sean started his journey into filmmaking, the role of education in our industry and what the future holds for us.

Talking Alpacas – Pilot Episode

Talking Alpacas: advertising with video, episode 0, in this episode hosts Carlo and Stefan introduce the podcast, themselves and Maka Visuals, an audio visual company based in Malta. In light of the global situation both hosts find themselves working from home with some time on their hands, so naturally they’ve created a podcast. Check it out!